Firm Profile

Morrison & Lovely Law Corporation's preferred area of law is Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, including; obtaining Bankruptcy Discharges, Proposals, Pre-Bankruptcy Matters, acting for Creditors on Realization Matters, acting for Trustees in both Realization Matters and Fee Defences, and providing legal opinions to Trustees, Bankrupts and the Creditor Community.

An Insolvency Law Practice of necessity requires knowledge of a broad spectrum of legal concepts. Accordingly we assert a continuing effort to maintain a diversity of knowledge as to all areas of the law; with concentrated expertise as to our preferred areas of practice. For example our sub-specialty expertise includes partnership matters, corporate matters, workouts, directed litigation and administrative matters. Where necessary (for example), in a complex tax matter relating to our area of practice we are not at all shy about seeking the assistance of skilled outside counsel in such matters.

Murray K. Morrison, founder of Morrison & Lovely Law Corporation, is a respected, seasoned professional. He believes that education and information is the key to solving all bankruptcy related matters.

All services performed by Paralegal Assistants or Secretaries are under the direct supervisions of lawyers. The extent of services provided by our staff result in material savings to our clients.

In addition to acting for creditors, in opposing discharges and/or in realization matters, we also act for Trustees in providing opinions on insolvency matters, defense of billings and on realization matters, such as fraudulent preferences / conveyances and like matters. As well, of course we act for insolvent corporations and persons both in the pre-bankruptcy phase and thereafter; often providing summary advice as to potential difficulties with their assignments.

We assure individuals and organizations that they are not alone in their need for professional guidance in this area and we provide an environment in which clients are confident that their interests are paramount.